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How to Cook a Whole Turkey

Here is our step by step guide to roasting a turkey.

1. Never thaw on the bench top or in the sink. Always thaw in the fridge and allow 13 hours per kg. (Thawing time may vary depending on how full your fridge is. Purchase turkey well enough in advance). To ensure your turkey is thawed, check that the flesh is soft and pliable when touched and a little 'squishy' when gently pushed. The legs and wings should move freely at the joints when tested.

2. Preheat your conventional oven to 180°C. Fan forced 160°C.

3. Always wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after handling food.

4. When your turkey is completely thawed, carefully remove all the packaging. Rinse thoroughly inside and out and pat dry with paper towels.

Turkey stuffing5. Stuff the turkey leaving enough room for stuffing to expand. Cross the legs over each other and tie with cooking twine, snipping off the excess. Click here to check out our special stuffing recipes

6. If there is a skin flap, tuck it neatly under the bird. Fold the wings back and tuck under.

Turkey foil7. Spray pieces of aluminium foil with oil to prevent it sticking to the turkey and use the foil to protect the hock ends, wings and the breast to ensure the bird doesn’t brown too quickly. Place the turkey breast side up on a rack in a roasting dish. Cook for about 45-50 minutes per kilo. Use our online Turkey Calculator to calculate the cooking time.

8. 30 minutes before the end of the calculated cooking time, take from the oven. Remove foil and pierce the skin several times to allow self basting and browning. Return to oven.

Turkey thermometer9. After the recommended cooking time, take the turkey out of the oven and test whether it is cooked. Check this using a meat thermometer. Place the thermometer into the deepest part of the bird. The internal temperate should be 82°C. Or test with a skewer deep into the breast. The turkey is fully cooked when the juices run clear.

Turkey presentation10. If it is fully cooked, transfer the turkey to a carving platter. Cover with foil and allow to stand for ten minutes.



To learn how to carve your perfectly cooked turkey, click here

*Appliance temperatures can vary. You may need to adjust cooking times accordingly. Please ensure all poultry is fully cooked before eating.

We suggest you use a meat thermometer. It’s the best way to ensure your poultry (or any other meat) is perfectly cooked. Thermometers vary in price from inexpensive (from department and homeware stores) to those used by professional chefs.

Any poultry should be fully cooked when the internal temperature reaches 82°C. You should use the thermometer in the deepest part of the turkey breast.

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